Building healthier, happier kids through gymnastics

Are you looking to strengthen the physical, mental, and emotional health of your kids? Well, you’ve got a new partner in your corner! At Leaps & Bounds, we’re here to help you give them a challenging, engaging learning experience that’s also 100% fun. Whether it’s through gymnastics, tumbling, cheer & tumble, or Mommy & Me, we’re committed to providing coaching that builds strong bodies and even stronger minds. No matter their age or skill level, your kids will have a safe, positive place where they can build skills, self-confidence, and friendships.

Not just our philosophy, our promise

High-quality instruction

Our young coaches are experienced gymnasts who instruct and demonstrate using a variety of effective teaching methods.

Progressive focus

We give your kids plenty of time to experiment with actual skills, not just conditioning exercises. The goal is advancement.

Fun & safe atmosphere

We help your kids learn faster and stay committed by maintaining a relaxed atmosphere and making challenges fun.

Convenient options

Our prices are the most affordable in the area, and our schedule is flexible. We make it easy for your family to get involved.

Leaps & Bounds Gymnastics owner Yvonne Ovial standing outside and smiling on a sunny day

24 years of loving gymnastics

At 7 years old, Yvonne Ovial fell in love with gymnastics when she began training under 50-year veteran Bette Baney DeLoia. As her skills progressed, Yvonne became a dedicated instructor, as well as Bette’s personal choice for taking over the gym in 2012.

Renaming it Leaps & Bounds, Yvonne envisioned a gymnastics center where kids could develop physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually. Since then, hundreds of students have caught her passion for gymnastics, and Leaps & Bounds continues to positively impact its community.

Join a class, join the fun!

Give your kids the gift of gymnastics today.

Young male gymnast lifting his legs in the air on parallel bars

Great coaches and role models

Safety certified through USA Gymnastics, our coaches continue to enhance their strength and flexibility so they can demonstrate and discuss skills. While lesson plans keep training sessions productive, our coaches also personalize the experience based on your child’s unique learning style. Most importantly, they believe in and inspire your kids to be their very best both in the gym and in life.

Smiling headshot for Leaps & Bounds Owner and Coach Yvonne Ovial


Owner, Gymnastics Coach, & All Star Cheer Coach with 18 years of gymnastics, 1 year of competitive cheer, and 16 years of coaching experience.

Smiling headshot for Leaps & Bounds Coach Kayla Hart


Gym Manager, Gymnastics, & All Star Cheer Coach, with 4 years of college cheer, 20+ years of gymnastics/cheer, 6 years of competitive gymnastics, and 15+ years of coaching experience.

Smiling headshot for Leaps & Bounds Coach Savanna Lohr


Gymnastics Coach with 11 years of gymnastics and 5 years of coaching experience.

A safe, positive environment

We offer training on tumbling, balance beam, uneven bars, vault, pommel horse, high bar, rings, and parallel bars. Our facility is organized to maximize instruction time and sanitized to keep your children safe. Aside from the equipment, we also promote exploration, teamwork, and sportsmanship to create an atmosphere where your kids can feel safe to be themselves and try new things. There’s even a place for you to hangout and relax!

“Being an ex-gymnast myself, I have high expectations for my daughter. At Leaps & Bounds, she’s been performing at a level that exceeds my expectations! On top of that, she’s making friends, building confidence, and making memories for life. I couldn’t be happier with our gym!”

– Nikki R.

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