Get the full gymnastics experience

When it comes to building strength, coordination, flexibility, grace, and power, there’s no better sport in the world than gymnastics. At Leaps & Bounds, our gymnastics classes will help your kids develop these attributes as well as discipline, self-confidence, and a strong work ethic.

In addition to floor tumbling, your child will practice essential skills on equipment like vault, balance beam, and pommel horse. As students get older and learn how to do more tricks on their own, we’ll move them to higher-level classes so they can continue to be challenged throughout the program.

* Class availability and price vary by location.

Class facts

Age range

From 3 years all the way to 18 years

Skill range

Beginner all the way up to advanced

Class length

30 min., 1 hr., 1.5 hr., and 2 hr.

Class type

General, semi-private (2 students), & private


Availability and price vary by location

Additional details

Girls classes

Our gymnastics classes for girls consist of floor tumbling, balance beam, uneven bars, and vault. These classes help them build confidence, strength, flexibility, coordination, and great relationships.

Boys classes

For boys, we’ve designed a class specifically for them. They’ll learn skills on floor tumbling, vault, pommel horse, high bar, rings, and parallel bars. This class helps them build strength, endurance, coordination, and flexibility—all attributes that help them excel in other sports and physical activities. Our boys love this fast-paced, fun-filled class!

Preschool & kindergarten

There are so many benefits of starting gymnastics when you’re young. For preschool and kindergarten students, we work on floor tumbling, balance beam, uneven bars, vault, obstacle courses, and mini-trampoline. These classes help them build strength, coordination, balance, and social skills.

Our preschool program follows standard school guidelines, and students must be fully potty trained before enrolling in this instructor-led class. If your 3 year old is not yet potty trained, they are eligible for our “Mommy & Me” program. Please view our Mommy & Me section for more details.

Build healthier, happier kids & only pay monthly!

No yearly commitment. Cancel anytime.

 Progression-based classes

 Safe learning environment

 Small class sizes

 More one-on-one instruction

 Affordable pricing options

 Convenient class times

 Friendly, encouraging coaches

 Consistent progress updates